Welcome to the Official REVIVED REALMS donation store!


Here you will be able to buy Ranks and a numerous amount of perks for your in-game
 experience to get better. 100% of every single donation goes towards the server. This
 means that the money will be invested into the server to upgrade things like RAM and
 BUILDS. This money will also be put into being able to pay for CUSTOM PLUGINS to improve
 the player experience on the server.

We hope you enjoy playing on our server. Please tell us if there are any bugs or anything
 that you dislike and we will aim to improve.

Server IP: play.revivedrealms.com

Website: revivedrealms.com



REVIVED REALMS Terms and Conditions

REVIVED REALMS DOES NOT GIVE REFUNDS! Any charge backs that are attempted will end in your
 minecraft account being banned aswell as an IP BAN. We ARE NOT affiliated with Mojang or any
 Minecraft connected company. REVIVED REALMS is its own server. 


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